Aluminium Nanoxide

Nanocrystalline metal oxides, with crystals smaller than 100 nm, show many valuable properties, which macrocrystalline or compacted materials lack.

Metals, oxides, polymers, ceramics and some other materials can be mechanically milled. Fineness degree depends on the properties of a certain substance. The types of mechanical milling include mechanical synthesis (mechanical alloying), which implies the interaction of processed substances in the course of milling.

 The Properties of Aluminium Nanoxide

Nanodispersed aluminium oxide is a bulk white powder, which, according to its crystalline lattice type, can be produced in alpha- or gamma-modifications.

Aluminium alpha-type nanoxide is characterized by the average particle size of 80 nm, the specific surface area is 10 m2/g. The nanodispersed gamma-modification aluminium oxide particle size is 20 nm, specific surface is 200 m2/g.

The performance of products of different types may vary depending on surface treatment methods.

 Application of Nanodispersed Aluminium Oxide

 Aluminium nanoxide is used as a plasticizer, hardener and reinforcing agent in the ceramic industry and production of industrial rubber goods. The material has also found its application in the production of catalysts, analytical reagents and synthetic precious stones.

Nanodispersed aluminium oxide makes it possible to create homogeneous high-strength materials, having no cavities. The use of this type of aluminium oxide enhances the efficiency of artificial rubber production by several times against the classical oxide. Aluminium nanoxide is also a component for the production of crystals, used in YAG-lasers.

Applications of Nanodispersed Aluminium Oxide:

  • manufacturing of transparent ceramics;
  • growing precious synthesized monocrystals;
  • production of high-voltage sodium lamps;
  • manufacturing of cutting tools, high-strength ceramics, high-purity cups, scope sights, spools, wall tubes;
  • cosmetic application as an additive;
  • production of abrasive materials;
  • manufacturing of coatings and rubber; application as a hydrophilic substance and an additive preventing plastic material attrition;
  • using as a component of special glasses, fluorescent and composite materials, for vacuum evaporation;
  • using as a polishing finish material for metals, glass, semiconductors, plastics;
  • analytical agent, activator, catalyst support.

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