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  • Experienced staff

    Microintech’s competent personnel guarantees high performance and advantageous terms of cooperation.

    Professional experience of our employees ranges from 15 to 50 years.

  • Well-equipped laboratory

    Our research laboratory is comprehensively fitted out with all necessary equipment, which makes it possible to obtain the most accurate research data and eventually guarantees high quality of the product.

  • Pilot facility

    Microintech’s pilot plant offers us the opportunity to test the processes in the realistic industrial environment, which can then be upscaled.

  • Industrial production

    Our in-house industrial production ensures uninterrupted deliveries, as well as permits us to offer state-of-the-art products and immediately response to individual customers’ needs.

Microintech: Development and Production of Special Grades of Aluminium Oxides and Hydroxides

We focus on research, technology development and the manufacture of special grades of aluminium oxides and hydroxides, as well as transition phases, including nanosized ones.

Our products are used as carriers (main structure-forming element) for hydrotreatment, reforming, cracking and dehydration catalysts.

We have our own R&D and production facilities, fitted out with all necessary research equipment, as well as a pilot facility for tuning-up process conditions and performance of end products.

Our key employees have an impressive career background in the production of alumina and special grades of aluminium oxides and hydroxides.

We are experienced in the development of a number of technologies, namely:

  • The technologies of the milling of product alumina and alpha-aluminium oxide (highly calcined alumina) to give ground/milled aluminium oxide of a desired grade. It is also possible to obtain and mill dried aluminium hydroxide to give aluminium hydroxide of desired grades.
  • Technologies of classification of the powders of product and ground aluminium oxide, aluminium hydroxide and a TCA (thermochemical activation) flash alumina product  to obtain a desired fractional composition
  • The technology of thermochemical activation of aluminium hydroxide to give TCA flash alumina products
  • The hydrochemical technology for the obtainment of various phase compositions of aluminium hydroxides and oxides (including active alumina oxide): amorphous hydroxide, pseudoboehmite, boehmite
  • The technology of high-temperature treatment of aluminium oxides and hydroxides to give dried aluminium hydroxide and alpha-aluminium oxide

We have also developed the technology of high-purity magnesium hydroxide and oxide production, nanosize included.

MICROINTECH has all the competencies to develop and produce any aluminium hydroxide / aluminium oxide-based  product to meet individual requirements of our customers.