Milled Aluminium Hydroxide MITALOX®-H

Fine-dispersed aluminium hydroxide has found its primary application as a fire retarder, i.e. a substance which absorbs harmful / combustible gases, as well as an element which prevents polymer heating and further decomposition. Apart from being a fire retarder, fine-dispersed aluminium hydroxide is used as a filler in rubber, glues, sealants and paint coatings. Fine-dispersed aluminium hydroxide is also used for producing polishing pastes.

As we have our own aluminium hydroxide milling equipment, we can produce fine-dispersed aluminium hydroxide according to the customers’ requirements.

At the request of the Customer, aluminum hydroxide can be treated with various coupling agents (APPRETTING)

Milled Aluminium Hydroxide with Increased Whiteness MITALOX®-HW

Precipitated aluminium hydroxide MITALOX®-PH

Company "Microintech" developed a product which is new for the Russian market – precipitated aluminium hydroxide Mitalox-PH 2 (with average particle size d50=1,5-2,5 µm).

Unlike ground aluminum hydroxide, it is produced by the method of chemical precipitation. This method allows us to obtain a product that is characterized:

- chemical purity (low impurity content),

- narrow particle size distribution,

- round shape of particles (coefficient of sphericity is not less than 0.9),

- improved thermal stability.

The use of precipitated aluminum hydroxide is advisable as a flame retardant in cable and rubber compositions.

Currently, we are ready to provide you with test samples produced at our pilot production line. The manufacturing line is at the design stage.

At the request of the Customer, aluminum hydroxide can be treated with various coupling agents (APPRETTING)

Thermoactivated Aluminium Hydroxide MITALOX®-TA

Themochemically activated aluminium hydroxide (TCA product, flash alumina) is mainly used as a carrier (main structure-forming element) in the production of catalysts, absorbents and desiccants. The principal properties of the carrier/TCA product directly dictate the basic application properties of catalysts, absorbents and desiccants, such as strength, activity and selectivity. Our TCA product has been comprehensively tested by a number of developers and consumers and proven its perfect application characteristics in comparison to well-known counterparts. We are able to produce thermoactivated aluminium hydroxide in accordance with our customers’ requirements.

Aluminium Oxide MITALOX®

The area of aluminium oxide application is quite wide. It can be used as a raw material for electrolytic production of metallic aluminium or as a filler for the production of refractory and abrasive materials, as well as applied in the glass-making industry and the manufacturing of rubber and special-purpose ceramics. Owing to many years of experience in working with various types of aluminium oxides and the technologies of heat treatment, milling and classification of aluminium oxides and hydroxides, we are ready to offer special-purpose aluminium oxides to our customers, which meet their requirements in terms of chemical, grain-size and phase composition.

High Calcined Fine Aluminium Oxide MITALOX®-A

High calcined fine aluminium oxides are intended for use as a carrier of catalysts, an integral element of grinding pastes for various purposes, raw materials in the production of thermoceramics, etc. In the rubber industry, it is possible to use this product as a filler.

Currently, we produce experimental batches of reactive alumina (alpha-alumina) with a low sodium content (in terms of Na2O≤0.15%). Reactive alumina is widely used in technical ceramics and high-quality refractories, as well as as an abrasive material. The technology developed by our company has no domestic analogues.

At the request of the Customer, aluminium oxide can be treated with various coupling agents (APPRETTING)

Active Aluminium Oxide MITALOX®-BT

Active aluminium oxide is used as a carrier (main structure-forming element) in the production of hydrotreatment, reforming and hydrocracking catalysts. As is the case with TCA products, the quality of the carrier is a crucial factor in the production of catalysts.

Our company has developed a product line of MITALOX BT active aluminium oxide-based carriers, which differ in their application areas.

The MITALOX BT carrier complies with the requirements of hydrotreatment catalyst developers and has been tested in the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis, the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The MITALOX BT-G carrier is structurally an X-ray amorphous boehmite (pseudoboehmite), which is a source of raw material for obtaining gamma-aluminium oxide. Further treatment of this carrier with active components can make it possible to produce catalysts, which are able to work at elevated temperatures (fuel afterburning catalysts).

If you need to get active aluminium oxide having special properties, we have all the competencies to successfully do this job.

Hydrogenation Catalyst