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  • Hydrotreatment Catalysts

    Hydrogenating sulfur-resistant hydrotreatment catalysts, based on the metals, belonging to Groups 6 and 8 of the Periodic System, are widely used for hydrotreatment of petroleum products.

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  • Catalyst Carrier

    A catalyst carrier (support) is a low-activity or inert material, which serves to stabilize the particles of the catalytic active phase on its surface.

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  • Dried Aluminium Hydroxide

    Aluminium hydroxide is a Al(OH)3 compound based on aluminium oxide and water, which is obtained as a white substance, showing amphoteric properties and low solubility in water. 

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  • Catalyst Filler

    Natural (clays, diatomite, pumice, asbestos) and synthetic materials (activated carbons, aluminosilicates, silica gel, oxides of magnesium, aluminium or zirconium) are widely used as a base for the application of catalysts. 

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  • Aluminium Nanoxide

    Nanocrystalline metal oxides, with crystals smaller than 100 nm, show many valuable properties, which macrocrystalline or compacted materials lack.

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  • Alpha- Aluminium Oxide

    Aluminium oxide can exist in one of several crystalline forms, including the most stable one – alpha-aluminium oxide.

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  • Gibbsite

    Gibbsite, or hydrargillite, is a natural mineral and a part of bauxite ores, which are the source of alumina used to produce aluminium.

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  • Phases of Aluminium Oxide and Hydroxide

    Industrial-use aluminium oxides can have various crystalline forms including corundum (α-Al2O3), β-aluminium oxide, γ-aluminium oxide and others.

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  • Production of Alumina

    Alumina is essentially a form of occurrence of Al2O3, aluminium oxide. Commercial varieties of alumina serve as a raw material for the production of industrial abrasive, wearproof and refractory materials.

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