Active Aluminium Oxide MITALOX®-BT

Active aluminium oxide is used as a carrier (main structure-forming element) in the production of hydrotreatment, reforming and hydrocracking catalysts. As is the case with TCA products, the quality of the carrier is a crucial factor in the production of catalysts.

Our company has developed a product line of MITALOX BT active aluminium oxide-based carriers, which differ in their application areas.

The MITALOX BT carrier complies with the requirements of hydrotreatment catalyst developers and has been tested in the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis, the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The MITALOX BT-G carrier is structurally an X-ray amorphous boehmite (pseudoboehmite), which is a source of raw material for obtaining gamma-aluminium oxide. Further treatment of this carrier with active components can make it possible to produce catalysts, which are able to work at elevated temperatures (fuel afterburning catalysts).

If you need to get active aluminium oxide having special properties, we have all the competencies to successfully do this job.