Hydrogenation Catalyst Nickel Hydrogenation Catalyst (Raney Nickel)

Standard: TU

Physical and Chemical Characteristics

Nickel content - not less than 44%

It is allowed to have promotional additives - chromium, titanium

The size of the target fraction is 8-15 mm


Hydrogenation catalyst for large-capacity hydrogenation units in the pressure range from 20 to 320 kgf/cm2 and temperatures from 80 to 160 ℃. It is characterized by increased strength and developed structure. It is effective in the hydrogenation of aldehydes of the aliphatic series, as well as glucose, furfural, xylose and a number of other compounds.

The catalyst is manufactured in accordance with the technological regulations, the requirements for the quality and safety of products are regulated by the technical conditions.

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