Precipitated aluminium hydroxide MITALOX®-PH

Company "Microintech" developed a product which is new for the Russian market – precipitated aluminium hydroxide Mitalox-PH 2 (with average particle size d50=1,5-2,5 µm).

Unlike ground aluminum hydroxide, it is produced by the method of chemical precipitation. This method allows us to obtain a product that is characterized:

- chemical purity (low impurity content),

- narrow particle size distribution,

- round shape of particles (coefficient of sphericity is not less than 0.9),

- improved thermal stability.

The use of precipitated aluminum hydroxide is advisable as a flame retardant in cable and rubber compositions.

Currently, we are ready to provide you with test samples produced at our pilot production line. The manufacturing line is at the design stage.

At the request of the Customer, aluminum hydroxide can be treated with various appretes (APPRETTING)