Precipitated aluminium hydroxide MITALOX®-PH 2

Chemical formula:


Grain-Size Composition

d50, microns

1.5 ÷ 2.5

Physical and Chemical Characteristics

Al(OH)3 (%), ≥


Fe2O3 (%), ≤


SiO2 (%),  ≤


Na2O + K2O in terms of Na2O (%), ≤


Moisture, %, ≤


LOI 800°С 60 min, %

34 ÷ 34.5

Bulk density, t/m3

0.4 ÷ 0.5

Specific surface area, m2/g


Oil Capacity, g/100g



Compared with milled aluminum trihydrate, the precipitated aluminum hydroxide has a number of advantages:

– average particle size d50 = 1.5-2.5 microns

– chemical purity (low content of impurities),

– narrow particle size distribution,

– smooth surface and rounded shape of the particles (the sphericity coefficient is at least 0.9), which facilitates the process of introducing hydroxide into compounds;

– improved thermal stability, which allows you to increase the extrusion speed and produce complex compounds;

– low dust emission of powder.

At the request of the Customer, aluminum hydroxide can be treated with various coupling agents. Surface treating of powder particles with organic additives reduces the viscosity of polymer compounds. In addition, surface treatment improves the mechanical and electrical insulation properties of the compositions.

The use of precipitated aluminum hydroxide is advisable as a flame retardant in polymer compositions, mainly in:

1) Halogen-free flame retardant compositions HFFR;

2) Silane-crosslinkable polyethylene compounds (Silane-crosslinkable PE);

3) thermoplastics, especially in plasticized PVC compositions / PVC plasticates;

4) Rubber compounds.

Precipitated aluminium hydroxide

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